Carbon electric mountain bike horst link.

Thunder 22

A carbon electric mtb

Look no further, your ideal e-bike is here! The perfect way to travel, spent time in nature, race your friends or just commute to work. All that without breaking a sweat. Versitile as you are.

carbon pedelec


and few details

Aerospace carbon & kevlar e-bike frame. Horst link.

Aerospace grade carbon-composite structure, reinforced with balistic kevlar.

TQ drive system central motor integrated TQ drive system central motor

TQ Drive System TQ120S BB motor; 500W of power; 120Nm of torque moment.

Smart battery solutions GMbH BMS system Smart battery solutions GMbH BMS system

84 cells battery, voltage 51.8V, capacity17.4Ah; BMS by Smart Battery Solutions GmbH.

  • water resistant

  • full susspension

  • 29kg

  • joystick remote

  • removeable battery

  • integrated lights


past, present and plans

  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • After years of vehicles restauration, composite materials finishes and even some aircraft models construction enough expirience was gained and in 2015 an idea for an ebike was concieved and a hobby started.

    In 2016, after months of thinking, determination, exploration and hard work resulted in first prototype named Thunder.

    As with all protoypes some things were off some were right.  But we are satysfied with what turned out as a result of a one man's ambition to craft.

    James Dean porche prototype model ready for scan
  • Second prototype with better suspension dynamics and updated electronic, named Thunder 22, was imagined, constructed and built.

    We started working on our carbon rims weighing substantially less than the common ones and giving bike a distinctive style.

    The same year our team expanded, thus Thunder became something more than a hobby project.

    building carbon e-bike designing carbon e-bike
  • Development of a new bike started. Supertouring bike capable of traversing urban and wild paths. Goal is to create a wheele craft of superb quality. Made to last and go fast.

    Making a product like this a real thing is not that simple.

    We need help, financial and brainpower.

    MG bike concept sketches


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